I'm Sina Wendl,
3/5 Emotional Generator,
Architect &certified Human Design Guide, 
helping you connect with yourself
& your surroundings.

I work between Architecture, Interior Design and Human Design and specialise in creating personal spaces that support and resonate with your physical body, mind and soul.

I bring my favourite passions together: 
Architecture + Human Design.

My passion is to empower and inspire you on your journey of self-exploration and helping you understand how you're uniquely designed. 

Whether through Human Design Readings or creating custom room concepts, I support you to explore and enhance both your inner and outer worlds.

I encourage you to experiment with your space’s energy and ultimately, creating a harmonious connection with your physical environment. Knowing from my own story of being in a wrong environment, my mission is to optimise your space(s) to create your ideal environment in your living spaces.


Bachelor of Arts Architektur 
Hamburg - Germany  

Master of Science Architektur 
Berlin - Germany 

Human Design Teachers Training w/ Maike Gabriela
Transformational Human Design Reader Certification

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